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Marcella Friel
Lisa Rueff
Amy Pickard
Andy Murphy
Cat & Nat
Haley Kilpatrick
Colette Davenport
Kristina Kuzmic
Kimberley Locke
Marcella Friel

Marcella Friel

Heal Your Body Ecology with Fermented Foods (Includes Cooking Class)

We all know our earth’s ecology is in big trouble. But did you know that the same ecological crisis is taking place inside your own body?

In this event Marcella will share with you the latest research on the vital role gut health plays in managing mood swings, stabilizing food cravings, and normalizing body weight. She’ll also teach you how to make super-simple, super-yummy fermented foods that will bring your body, mind, and soul back into its true, natural balance.

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I’m not a licensed therapist or counselor. I’m a natural foods chef, cooking instructor, and meditation teacher. Unlike many dieticians, nutritionists, and therapists, what I teach about food is not theoretical; it’s embodied.

I love food. I can help you love it, too.

My qualifications for this work have come through my commitment to my own healing and to the privileges I’ve had to be of service to others:

As a therapeutic foods chef, I know from over 17 years of practice how to stand in someone’s presence and sense intuitively what foods will most deeply nourish them.

My culinary career began in 1994, when I escaped corporate America to cook for cloistered meditators at Gampo Abbey, Pema Chödrön’s buddhist monastery in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia.

While I was Chef at Five Sisters Ranch in Petaluma, California, I fed women who had come to heal their deepest heartbreak. Women who were too lovesick to get a meal down often told me they had a spiritual awakening from eating my food.

From 2005 to 2010 I was kitchen manager at Spirit Rock Meditation Center in Marin County, California, where I cooked for yogis deep in meditation and was regularly festooned with notes of gushing gratitude.


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Lisa Rueff

Lisa Rueff

Infuse Your Life with Passion and Purpose and get SPARKED!

We each have our own inner spark and life purpose, yet often get drowned out by our inner critic and limited beliefs. During this talk, Lisa Rueff will share with the audience her unique and inspiring background (In the last 5 years she went from being a yoga teacher to building a children’s home and school in Haiti, serving as the Executive Director of Musician Michael Franti’s Do It For the Love Foundation, lwading trips with Sir Richard Branson of Virgin Unite, to creating a board game for women called SPARKED).

After Lisa shares her background and insights into how we can each infuse more passion and purpose in our lives, the audience will be invited to get out of their head and seats and into their hearts and potential. The audience will be invited to celebrate their unique talents, abilities and passions as we connect, inspire and celebrate each other through playing and getting SPARKED!

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Lisa Rueff is a enthusiastic entrepreneur who loves creating ways to inspire and empower people to connect with their purpose and passions. Lisa has developed a board game SPARKED to bring women together to celebrate and uplift each other. The game is inspirational, aspirational, full of heart and soul — made by women for women — and it’s an absolute blast to play! She is CEO & Founder of YogaVentures, a global humanitarian retreat company that provides participants the opportunity to embark on meaningful, sustainable yoga volunteer retreats worldwide. Lisa has been leading international trips for over 15 years and encourages her students to discover the joys of travel with purpose and how each of us can make a tangible and sustainable difference. She has raised over a million dollars for global causes, focusing on sustainable solutions to provide basic needs for women and children. Lisa founded and built a 12,000 sq. ft home and school for earthquake-orphaned children in Haiti, The Jacmel Children Center, www.jacmelchildren.org. She has also built a free medical clinic in Haiti called Angel Wings, and works with Faith and Love Orphanage and Art Creation Foundation For Children in Haiti.

Lisa served as a consultant for Virgin Unite, where she organized and facilitated Virgin Unite Connection Trips with Sir Richard Branson to South Africa and Her Majesty Queen Noor to Jordan. During these trips, participant focused engaged with these inspiring frontline leaders whose work with entrepreneurial communities are driving change. Lisa also served as Executive Director of Do It For The Love, a nonprofit wish-granting Foundation created by musician Michael Franti and his partner ER Nurse Sara Agah that brings people living with life-threatening illnesses, children with severe challenges, and wounded veterans to live concerts. Through the healing power of music, our goal is to inspire joy, hope, and lasting celebratory memories in the face of severe illness or trauma.

Lisa loves waking people up to following their passions, dreams and bliss to make a difference in the world, and believing that anything is possible to achieve, create, manifest and make reality!

For more info go to: www.readysetsparked.com

Amy Pickard-260-v4

Amy Pickard

Living your life in a positive, mindful way also means you need to address death in a positive, mindful way.

Join Amy Pickard to discover the most important lessons she has learned from the recent deaths of her beloved parents and the strangely beautiful way that grief has transformed her own life.

After changing careers in mid-life and discovering her cosmic calling, Amy offers a new, enlightening and affirming way to look at death that will change your perspective, ease your fears and encourage you to embrace your own life with newfound clarity.

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Amy Pickard , age 48, lives in Los Angeles, where she is powered by the sun and rock and roll. She grew up in Dayton, Ohio, and at the age of 16, she might have been the youngest VJ to ever introduce a video, which she did while working on a local cable access music video show. As the Martha Quinn of Dayton, she was able to interview and hang out with all of her favorite bands.

Propelled by her Anglophilic obsession, Amy followed in Chrissie Hynde’s footsteps and moved to London where she worked as a DJ at a 50’s theme restaurant. She also had frequent engagements as a music and pop culture contributor for the BBC. Amy lived in London off and on for several years, interspersed with stints in New York City and Chicago. In 2000, she settled in Los Angeles, where she has worked for VH1, BBC Radio 2 and countless other outlets. As a freelance video producer, she has interviewed Academy Award winners and covered numerous red carpet events and press junkets.

In addition, Amy conceived of, produced and directed the low-budget, critically acclaimed music documentary “Glenn Tilbrook: One for the Road,” featuring the lead singer of the British band Squeeze. This project enabled Amy to join her musical hero and friend on tour across the U.S., while capturing the inside, behind-the-scenes fun and work of a rock musician’s life on the road.

In 2012, Amy’s mom died suddenly and unexpectedly. While grieving her mother’s death and sorting through her mother’s paperwork in an effort to wrap up her financial affairs, Amy went through what she describes as a “tectonic, spiritual transformation.” She discovered her cosmic calling: to create an unconventional advance planning company that would help everyone put their affairs in order and document their end-of-life wishes. Thus Amy’s business, Good To Go!, was born.

But Good to Go! is not your typical advance planning process. Amy’s mission is to change the cultural narrative on how we view death preparedness, dying and the aftermath…by having a party! With pot luck dishes to share, a sense of humor, cocktails and a rock and roll death-themed soundtrack, she guides people through their end of life paperwork. Last summer, she drove across the U.S. on her own, giving Good To Go! pop-up parties with people of all ages and all walks of life in cities all over the country.. All the participants in these parties received Amy’s unique workbook where they can document important information for their loved ones and make their passing easier on those still living.

This past May, Amy’s dad died unexpectedly, and she was once again launched into the grief of losing a parent. This time, however, thanks to Good To Go!, Amy had clear direction on how her dad wanted his life celebrated, and she was spared countless hours of confusion and difficulty in how to wrap up his affairs. Amy’s dad had prepared for his death by attending one of her parties last year and completing the workbook. Amy did not have to make one single gut-wrenching decision regarding her father’s care in the hospital or after his death due to her Dad’s thoughtful completion of the Good To Go! paperwork.

Amy aspires to be a vibrational catalyst, envisions corporations offering Good To Go! as an employee benefit, and dreams of partnering with inspirational leaders such as Richard Branson to create more meaningful and compassionate end-of-life experiences in our culture (Virgin Nursing Homes, anyone?). She is currently working on a book chronicling her life-changing journey through the loss of her mom and dad and is proud to be a spiritual activist in the Death Positive movement.

Andy Murphy

J. Andy Murphy

Falling Into a Field
of Daisies…

The true story of an Ordinary Woman who lost the person she was at 38 and the extraordinary journey she took to find the individual she would become!

“The letter U is my favorite letter in the alphabet. To me, it’s the most underrated letter we have, considering that it starts so many powerful words: Understanding, unity, unbiased, undaunted, uncanny, unchained…”

In today’s world we live in a rush of moments … often without any realization of joy. On those certain days of Uncertainty, we can find ourselves looking into a reflection and wondering, “Where did I get off the path to being the person I was meant to be? Settling for the person I had become!

This is a true story of one woman’s very different lifepath with challenging expectations. At 38, a disease nearly ended her life. But … it changed her life in ways never thought possible. Personality is a very mysterious and oftentimes misunderstood word. Finding the true meaning of what it really means is just a few thoughts away, but finding those thoughts…can take a lifetime…unless you find yourself in a Field of Daisies!

What you’ll receive in this talk:

  • Learning how to capture and keep a fearless spirit!
  • Defining the true meaning of Friendship
  • Understanding the word Catty!
  • Becoming a Voice that does not harm and cannot be defeated!
  • And most of all … Venturing into waters never explored with a fearless spirit that has NO expectations.
  • Winding up in the Smithsonian and the Soup Kitchen.
  • Learning to Lead in the Sphere of positive.

Read all about Andy

Andy Murphy, founder of Ever Film Productions, LLC, is a published national author, director and writer concentrating in documentary programs. She spent 25 years in public relations and communications, retiring to pursue her passion for storytelling.

She is the founder of The WriteStuff Writers Conferences and Workshops and has an established literary agency underneath the umbrella of WriteStuff Writers. She is the founder of a new film production company, EVER Films, LLC and has completed her first two documentaries, A Sign of the Cross and One Starry, Starry Night, which she wrote and directed.

Murphy was inducted into the Library of Congress StoryCorps Alumni (June, 2012) after PBS recorded her story documenting her lifelong habit of letter writing and the notable responses she has received.
Murphy is also involved with the national Heartland Film Festival, serving as a Narrative Film Juror and was honored in 2013 with the prestigious Heartland “President’s Award” for her outstanding work and passion.

Murphy is also the mother of Ryan Murphy, creator of Nip/Tuck/GLEE/American Horror Story and multiple films.

Always writing, Murphy is currently working on a personal memoir, a humorous mystery novel, and a new romance novel adventure based on a true story.

Catherine Belknap and Natalie Telfer

Cat & Nat’s
Journey to Success

Cat & Nat, moms to seven kids between the two of them, realized a growing need for women to connect with one another throughout this crazy journey called motherhood.

What started as casual vlogging and hosting small events and meet-ups for moms in the area, has turned into a thriving, ever-growing business that has connected moms all around the world.

Cat & Nat will be sharing their journey to success, including personal anecdotes and advice for women working to grow their business.

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Catherine Belknap and Natalie Telfer are entrepreneurs, YouTubers, Facebook Live hosts, media personalities, and brand spokespeople. Together, they parent seven children, manage two husbands and run Social Common, a one of a kind digital platform for moms. Through their candid videos, Cat & Nat share the real, raw, uncensored side of motherhood with moms all around the world.

Haley Kilpatrick-260x260

Haley Kilpatrick

Confident Women, Confident Girls

The importance of a confident female in today’s world

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Having served more than 55,000 middle & high school girls in 48 states & 7 countries, Girl Talk is a nonprofit organization that provides a leadership opportunity for high school girls to mentor middle school girls by starting and leading a Girl Talk Chapter in her community.

We exist to help girls build confidence and to develop leadership skills through weekly peer-to-peer mentoring. Our goal is to provide the necessary resources at no cost, for all girls, during their most formative years. Our hope is for Girl Talk to instill the values to help girls grow up to become kind, confident leaders, who treat each other with respect. For more information, please visit www.mygirltalk.org.

Kristina Kuzmic

Kristina Kuzmic

Life is Sticky: Dig In!

Adulting is hard! It’s complicated and exhausting and stressful and messy! It can be amazing one minute and terrible the next. Kristina has experienced the highest of highs and lowest of lows, and is using humor and complete transparency to share her story, her trials and her determination to make the best of even the toughest parts of life.

Let’s stop striving for perfection, stop faking, stop running away. Let’s embrace the reality and the chaos that is our life. Let’s replace our feelings of inadequacy and shame with the feelings of hope and gratitude. Because life is one sticky mess, and the only good solution is to just dig in!

Read all about Kristina

Energetic, funny, and obsessed with creativity, Kristina has an in-your-face perspective on issues of parenting and life in general. In fact, you may have seen Kristina recently on your Facebook feed, or on any one of a number of internet, radio or TV outlets. She has become a Youtube sensation with her “mom-centric” videos about raising children and juggling all of life’s challenges. With literally millions of hits for her videos, Kristina already has a voice and personality that has proven to be a hit with a massive audience (from young millennials through Gen-Xers and even Baby Boomers). Parents everywhere are flocking to hear Kristina’s motherly advice.

The Huffington Post referred to Kristina’s videos as “Parenting comedy at its finest,” and The Inquisitr has praised her “witty charm.” People Magazine, Cosmopolitan and Yahoo have all posted articles on her creative parenting advice and unique humor, and media outlets across the country are picking up on her videos and re-posting them. Kristina has quickly made a name for herself as a creative, yet unpretentious parent, as well as a motivational speaker/comedian.

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Kimberly Locke

Kimberley Locke

What’s really weighing you down?

The importance of having a healthy relationship with food, as the food is just a symptom of what’s really going on.

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Since we’ve last seen American Idol finalist and fan favorite, Kimberley Locke, she founded I AM Entertainment, an entertainment company that focuses on Kimberley’s musical career, vocal coaching career, and health and wellness career. Locke is currently looking to grow her presence within health & wellness as it is a true passion of hers. She has been working on and producing her own YouTube segment called “What’s Cooking With Kimberley” where she focuses on tips & tutorials utilizing local produce and collaborating with local food vendors in her hometown in Connecticut.

Kimberley’s “Aha Moment” occured when she realized that she loved to cook beyond the typical college dorm like fried foods, pastas, and overloads of condiments. Kimberley’s revelation was simple but incredibly effective: the nicest, most caring act to do for onself, is to cook yourself a healthy meal. In order to do so, Kimberley had to put aside how her Southern mamma did it, and had to retrain herself to cook quality, healthy, nutritious meals without the overuse of oils and butter, while also keeping the food tasy and flavorful. Kimberley’s advice is not to rush these changes but to allow yourself to adjust, or your body will revolt!

The process was not easy in the slightest. Kimberley began her journey to better health through food in 2005 when she joined the cast of Celebrity Fit Club. Of CFC, Kimberley says, “Being on Celebrity Fit Club forced me to become aware of my food choices and boy was it eye opening. I learned very quickly that the scale does not lie, especially on the cheat days I rewarded myself with. This is when I really began to learn about ‘MY’ body, and that my body was unique to me and what worked for me may not work for someone else. And that’s okay.” Kimberley lost 25 lbs on CFC, and gained an abundance of insight and knowledge on health and wellness. After CFC, Kimberley started Jenny Craig while on tour. “Eating out of a box was my new norm…and this got old pretty quickly. You’re talking to someone who loved eating out and now I was confined to a hotel room with boxed food! I lost another 15lb but what I also lost was the joy of food itself,” says Kimberley.

Kimberley decided to face the kitchen once again, yet this time she focused on fresh produce, clean eating, and substitutes for old fatty favorites but all the while, she believes that the kitchen is your own domain. Enjoy the experience of preparing foods, see what you can make out of healthy morsels left over when you’re too lazy to go to the store, experiment. With her clients, Kimberley likes to conduct a “kitchen clean-out,” in order to remove what isn’t in line with their goals. It isn’t a matter of all or nothing, it is about self-awareness and learning what foods do and don’t work for you. The ultimate goal is for Kimberley to ensure that each client feels supported in their journey. With each client, Kimberley helps to create and design healthy recipes that will satisfy cravings, insightful coaching sessions to keep open communication, an d daily motivation to hepl them stay on the journey to self discovery and better health.

In addition through I Am Entertainment, Locke also acts as a consultant for aspiring artists, providing the help they need to navigate the music industry from a business perspective and creative perspective.

For more information on I AM Entertainment, please visit the website here.

Of American Idol, Kimberley Locke says, “American Idol represents so many things in my life. Everything that I had been practicing up until the age of 24. I had to put it into action. The show was instrumental to my growth as a singer and as a woman.”

Web: www.blackpandapr.com
Email: amanda@blackpandapr.com
Alternate Email: Kelli.blackpanda@gmail.com

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Colette Davenport

Colette Davenport

INTIMACY: The Missing Ingredient In Your Relationships

Colette offers a new understanding of the word ‘intimacy’ as it relates to relationships. She invites the audience into a deeper awareness around their own relationships while supporting that exploration with a lighthearted, loving, and no bullshit conversation that will leave everyone with greater clarity and elevated connection to themselves and others.

This talk will focus on the modern woman and the common issues she faces: too much stress and not enough time, energy or resources along with a lack of clarity, focus and confidence. Get ready to begin your ‘Intimate Awakening’!

Read all about Colette

Colette Davenport brings an assemblage of 20 years of formal training and life experiences to her practice as an intimacy coach. She’s an outspoken blogger, published author, and magnetizing speaker who specializes in coaching purpose-driven women who want satisfying sex and real intimacy in their relationship.

Colette is exceptional at helping super busy women resurrect passion, communicate openly, and feel connected so they can have extraordinary relationships.

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Your Best Life Telesummit Interview (Colette speaks about what it means to be an Intimately Awakened Woman and what you can do RIGHT NOW to be that.)
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Radio Segment with Austin Woman Magazine Founder (discussing intimacy in today’s ‘virtual’ world)

Are You Too Busy to Get Busy? (quiz)