G3 Teambuilding

The G3 team is ready to partner with both individuals and teams to create dynamic workplaces that thrive on collaboration, communication and change to create high-performing, sustainable results. We offer training and coaching in three different areas:


A process that offers active and resourceful team focus with a commitment to excellence to achieve business results.


Coaching is an investment that will benefit both individuals and teams by identifying goals, aligning priorities, and taking effective action to leverage strengths and achieve success.


Leadership is the partnership of confidence and clarity that empowers individuals to take a proactive approach toward manifesting powerful results.



Teambuilding can be customized according to the dynamic of your team and the goals they are trying to reach as a collective group. It allows an opportunity for walls to be brought down and growth to happen amongst team members to work collaboratively towards a common goal. G3 Teambuilding is an effective way to organize complex and independent work to create a successful organization.



  • Work smarter not harder
  • Gain clarity and confidence
  • Align you priorities and actions
  • Take charge of your own success
  • Feel motivated and ready for your best life!
  • Celebrate your victories and enjoy the reward of achieving your goals!
  • Break out of defeating behaviors and limiting beliefs
  • Create a strategy for personal success

Coaching is an on-going, one-on-one process that is action oriented, goal focused, and success driven. Our coaches partner with individuals in a challenging and invigorating process that inspires them to achieve professional and personal potential. The G3 coach will customize their approach to the individual needs of the client. We believe that everyone is innovative and capable of manifesting powerful results and it is the coach’s role to provide support to the development of strengths, tools and information that the client already possesses.


Leadership Development:

With a proven engaging and interactive process, the G3 team will partner with you to help increase the productivity of your sales force, improve the effectiveness of your management team and optimize your business strategy. We provide unique perspectives and powerful tools that enable each of our clients to increase performance.


Sample Program Offerings:

  • Assessments of people, processes and programs
  • Custom-design and facilitation of Sales Productivity program
  • Custom-design and facilitation of Management Effectiveness programs
  • Strategic Leadership
  • Action and Accountability
  • Business Strategy
  • Team Development and Effectiveness
  • Experiential Leadership/Teambuilding


G3 partners with your organization to:

  • Assess the overall productivity of your team
  • Determine a course of action to ensure best results
  • Build and implement structures and processes to facilitate success
  • Coach team leaders and/or members
  • Facilitate critical team meetings to achieve and exceed strategic initiatives
  • Customize team training
  • Leverage the independent strengths of each team member
  • Certify/train internal contributor to create sustainability

We can deliver our G3 team right to your company’s door to provide customized training on any program pertinent to your organization’s training goals. Or let our G3 team add sparkle to your next corporate or association meeting with a stimulating keynote speech designed just for you. Whether you have 3 or 300 people to train, the G3 team is the answer.

Contact us to learn more about how to create a team that achieves the results you want and expect