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G3 Women's Conference Nov 12-14, 2017
G3 Speaker Series
G Mother Daughter Day Oct 1st 2017
G3  Teambuilding & Coaching

The G3 experience is not your typical conference, rather, it is a curated experience that is designed to help you tap into the many aspects that make you uniquely you. A rich and multilayered event that speaks directly to every aspect of your multidimensional life – from your inner, spiritual self to your busy, productive self, to your health and well being.

We bring together experts and entertainers, practitioners and professionals, along with a commitment to help you slow down and take some time for you. With morning fitness options, exceptional healthy food, fabulous local wine, and a variety of unique activities, events, cooking demos, etc, this experience promises to be truly unique.

You will leave G3 a renewed spirit and a path forward for how you can leverage your best self from the inside out. You’ll also leave with a new network of similarly empowered women and a space to carry the conversation forward if you are inclined to do so.

Make time and
take time for you.

Topics are tailored to today’s woman and girls, such as:

G3 is All About You!

What is the G3 Experience?

The G3 experience presents respected thought leaders, entertainers and panel discussions that inspire new thinking. A natural forum emerges for networking and vibrant exchanges of ideas. Choose to attend our California Wine Country event or Speaker Series.

Topics are tailored to today’s woman and girls, such as:

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Work-Life Balance
  • Leadership
  • Personal Joy & Empowerment
  • Health & Wellness
  • Fashion, Beauty & Self Image
  • Career Inspiration, Motivation, Reboots
  • Today’s Media tools
  • Mind-Body Connection
  • Leveraging Your Best Self
  • Teen Girl Development
  • FUN, Humor, Comedy

What’s New at G3!

Are you ready to:

Strengthen your
career or business?
Strive to be your best self?
Create a more well balanced life?

Introducing the G3 Speaker Series:

Wisdom, Women & Wine

Upcoming Dates:

August 23rd
September 13th
October 18th

G3 Women’s Conference

November 12 – 14, 2017

The G3 Gather, Grow and Go Women’s Conference is the perfect opportunity for balance, authenticity and personal growth. Creating the space to contemplate your journey and reconnect with your purpose and desires is invaluable–and necessary for creating the life you really want.

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Lauren Arnold

Owner of Peak Wellness Retreat

I attended the March G3 conference and thought that the caliber of speakers, the depth of women and the inspiration I gained from the experience was incredible…


Kathleen Ball

Sotheby’s Real Estate Agent

I signed up for this conference with no expectations…I felt as if every speaker was talking directly to me! I walked away with a new sense of energy…


Adrienne Shubin

The Rich Life (on a budget)

I attended the most wonderful, inspiring, positive and eye-opening conference at MacArthur Place Hotel. The G3 Sonoma Conference has given me such a boost…


The G3 Visionaries

The founding partners shared a vision…they wanted to create a forum for women to gather and leverage their best selves from the inside out. Set in Sonoma wine country, G3 – Gather, Grow, Go – Conference encompasses career, business, health and well being.

Piper and Michelle, the current owners, attribute their very similar yet different strengths to the success of the G3 Women’s Conference and have developed a partnership and true friendship that ensures its continued success into 2016 and beyond!

G3-Founding Visionaries
Piper and Michelle

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